Patient Counseling Brochures

Patient Counseling Brochures
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Understanding Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

The Understanding series of patient education materials, written by Robert H. Margolis, Ph.D., professor and Director of Audiology at the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center, is based on 30 years of experience in evaluating children and adults with hearing loss and on the belief that the best counseling efforts are ineffective if the information is not provided in a format that can be read, reread, reviewed with family members, and re-reviewed after the memories of a verbal discussion are long forgotten. The format of each brochure is a four-page, 8.5" x 11", high-resolution, color publication on high-quality, semi-gloss paper.

Understanding you Hearing© is designed to explain to adult patients the degree and type of hearing loss, and the effects of the hearing loss on speech communication. Aunique feature is the color-coded diagram of the ear and audiogram and the color-keyed discussion that ties the test to the related anatomic regions and audiometric ranges. Common etiologies of each hearing loss type are provided. The audiologist enters the patient's audiogram on the color-coded form that guides the patient throught the discussion of the nature and extent of the hearing loss. Probable and possible causes of the hearing loss can be recorded. A checklist of recommendations is provided along with space for special recommendations. The fourth page briefly discusses audiologic treatment of hearing loss, including hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and cochlear implants.

Understanding Your Child's Hearing© follows the format of Understanding Your Hearing© with emphasis on the auditory disorders that are more common in childhood.

Understanding Hearing Aids© can be used in conjuction with Understanding Your Hearing© or Understanding Your Child's Hearing© or as a stand-alone discussion of hearing aids. It is designed to be a balance discussion of the benefits and limitations of amplification and the factors that are important for successful hearing aid use. It is not a sales pitch. It is the kind of discussion of this treatment modality that patients desire from their healthcare providers. Illustrated with photographs of adult and child hearing aid users, this publication helps the patient make the crucial decision of whether or not to begin the hearing aid evaluation process.

Understanding Your Baby's Hearing©

•Informational brochure

•Follows the format of Understanding Your Child's Hearing©

•Emphasis on auditory disorders in infants

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