Phonak EasyPen

Phonak EasyPen
Item# 052-3285-P

The Roger EasyPen is an exciting product for clients who desire ultimate simplicity with full Roger performance and do not need Bluetooth functionality or manual microphone control. Designed with discretion in mind, the Roger EasyPen microphone features premium speech-in-noise and over distance performance, adaptive wireless transmission, fully automated settings, TV connectivity and an audio input for listening to multimedia. It can also be used alongside other Roger Clip-On Mics, Roger Pens and Roger EasyPens in a microphone network.

Hear better than people with no hearing loss
Roger has been scientifically proven to help hearing instrument users understand up to 62% more speech in noise and over distance than people without hearing loss.

Simply smart
The Roger EasyPen is easy to use, with its automatic microphone mode and only two buttons: one to connect to the hearing aids and one to switch the microphone on/off.

The Roger EasyPen is used with miniature Roger receivers, which can be attached directly to virtually any hearing aid or cochlear implant. There is a compatible Roger receiver for almost every hearing instrument and CI.

To use the Roger EasyPen with a hearing instrument a compatible Roger receiver is required.

Roger EasyPen can be used in a multi-talker network along with:
  • Roger EasyPen
  • Roger Pen
  • Clip-On Mic

Colors available:
  • Light Sterling (pictured above)
  • Ruby

  • Petrol