TV Ears Digital Speaker System

TV Ears Digital Speaker System
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  • Wireless television speaker tuned to deliver the perfect blend of movie-like sound and voice clarified audio
  • Low-profile design will fit on a shelf near your television or on a side table near your couch and provides up to 90dB of volume to accommodate any hearing requirement
  • Voice clarifying speaker allows you to bring the TV audio close-by so you don't have to turn up the volume as much to hear your favorite programs
  • Easy installation; the transmitter simply plugs into the analog or digital audio-out ports of your television, cable, or satellite box and sends audio via infrared light straight to the wireless speaker
  • Operates independently from the television’s volume, allowing you to turn the television’s volume down or completely off

  • Voice Clarifying Circuitry makes television dialogue easy to understand
  • Headset jack located on front of speaker accommodates any standard headphones
  • Sleek and compact design with a large easy-to-use volume dial
  • Audio input connection for music player or smartphone
  • Digital connectivity with Dolby, SRS, and PCM compatibility
  • Television and headset volume function separately
  • Works with any brand of television
  • 2.3 MHz frequency transmission
  • 2.3 MHz transmitter
  • Compatible with 2.3 MHz wireless headsets
  • Wireless speaker – place anywhere in room within 50 ft of transmitter
  • Five year limited warranty – after 6 months, patient must work directly with TV Ears for warranty service

System Includes:
  • Wireless speaker
  • 2.3 MHz transmitter
  • 6 ft audio cord
  • 3 ft auxiliary cord
  • 25 ft extender cord
  • Pair of earbuds
  • 2 AC adapters