NoiZfree PC & Audio

NoiZfree PC & Audio
Item# 200-17-100-O
Retail price: $42.95
Sale price: $37.95

NoiZfree PC & Audio is designed to interface with your computer's soundcard. Simply place the earhook over your ear, switch your hearing aid to T-coil, plug NoiZfree-PC into your computer's soundcard sockets and enjoy!

  • Make and receive Internet VOIP phone calls via Skype, MSN Messenger, etc.
  • Listen to computer CD/DVD music, videos, pod casts and online radio
  • Inline microphone
  • Two plugs for your computer's soundcard microphone and headphone (right stereo channel only) sockets
  • Black, expandable coiled cord
  • Lightweight, inductive earhook provides strong signal strength with reduced background noise
  • T-Coil compatible for all BTE, ITE and ITC hearing aids

Options available:
  • Monaural Earhook ($37.95) (pictured above)

  • Binaural Earhooks ($49.95)