Welch Allyn Ear Wash System

Welch Allyn Ear Wash System
Item# 29350-O
Retail price: $579.95
Sale price: $549.95

Simplicity. Cleanliness. Safety. Efficiency. Welch Allyn's Ear Wash System with Hydrovac action is a state-of-the art concept in cerumen removal. Unlike other irrigation devices, the Ear Wash System eliminates messy outflow by automatically suctioning water and cerumen and disposing of it. With all of its built-in safety features, the Ear Wash System is ideal for use on patients of any age.

  • Connects to virtually any goose neck faucet
  • Automatically regulates water pressure and temperature
  • Water flow can be controlled with simple trigger in handle
  • Disposable transparent eartip assures a clean tip for each patient
  • Over 10 feet of clear, heavy duty plastic tuving allows for position and flexibility in the examining room