Power One ACCU Plus NiMH Battery Charger

Item# 52075-O
Retail price: $109.95
Sale price: $89.95

  • Charger only - does not include batteries
  • Fits in any pocket
  • Charges up to two ACCU Plus NiMH hearing aid batteries at a time
  • Three different inserts allow you to charge size 10, 312 & 13 batteries
  • Not for use with size 675
  • The pocketcharger is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery and requires no electrical outlet
  • Once the lithium polymer battery has been charged, it can charge, for example, a Power One ACCU Plus 312 up to 18 times
  • Empty cells can be recharged in only 2.5 hours, depending on their type
  • A safety function, the refreshing protection, first discharges partly charged batteries to prolong their service life

Note: As with any new rechargeable battery, ACCU Plus batteries will not reach full capacity right out of the package. Several power discharge (uses) & charge cycles will be required.