Bionix After Swim Water Removal Strips

Bionix After Swim Water Removal Strips
Item# 530-O
Retail price: $9.95
Sale price: $7.95

AfterSwim is a new approach to drying the ear canal. Now you can remove water from clogged ears in an effort to prevent swimmer’s ear (Otitis Externa) or bacteria buildup. No other product on the market can physically remove water from an ear so quickly! AfterSwim is safer & more effective vs. cotton swabs, more thorough & cleaner than alcohol drops, plus faster & less abrasive compared to air dryers for ears.

  • Safe, fast and alcohol-free
  • Flared tip design eliminates the risk of over insertion
  • No risk of damage to the eardrum
  • Will never directly or indirectly come in contact with an ear drum
  • Only needs to be inserted far enough into the ear to break the surface level of the water
  • Wicking action of the product will removal the water on its own
  • Can absorb over 5x the amount of liquid an average ear canal can hold
  • One strip can be used on both ears