Phonak MicroLink CI S

Phonak MicroLink CI S
Item# 7130-P
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MicroLink CI S with a MicroLink FM receiver is a miniaturized convenient FM solution for bodyworn CI speech processors.

FM and CI recipients
MicroLink CI S enhances speech intelligibility, particularly in difficult hearing situations, and it significantly improves the ability of cochlea implant users to communicate.

  • State-of-the art, digital synthesizer, multi-frequency FM receiver
  • Compatible with all Phonak transmitters
  • Automatic or Direct Frequency Synchronization
  • Save to and read information from receiver

    Description of Cables
  • Blue Long - Cochlear ESPrint BTE
  • White - MED-EL TEMPO+/OPUS1 (remote battery pack)
  • Red - MED-EL TEMPO+/OPUS1/DUET1/DUET2 (angled battery pack)
  • Blue-Red Long - Advanced Bionics Platinum BTE & Advanced Bionics CII BTE
  • Orange - Cochlear SPrint & Cochlear Spectra 22 (SN >340.00)
  • Blue-Red Short - Advanced Bionics PSP (Platinum bodyworn)
  • Black - Advanced Bionics Clarion 1.2
  • Blue Short - Cochlear Spectra 22 (SN >340.000) & Advanced Bionics Clarion S-Series