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Phonak MicroLink Freedom
Phonak MicroLink Freedom
Item# 7131-P

MicroLink Freedom is the world’s first design-integrated wireless FM receiver for the Nucleus Behind-The-Ear (BTE) speech processor from Cochlear.

The synergy of two experts
Phonak enjoys worldwide recognition as the leader in wireless communication solutions for people with hearing impairment. Cochlear is the global leader in cochlear implants. These two companies have developed a dedicated and design-integrated FM solution for cochlear implant recipients – MicroLink Freedom.

MicroLink Freedom is:
  • comfortable
  • cosmetically appealing
  • hassle-free
  • easy to use

  • State-of-the art, digital synthesizer, multi-frequency FM receiver
  • Compatible with all Phonak transmitters
  • Automatic or Direct Frequency Synchronization
  • Save to and read information from receiver

Technical Data