Hamilton CapTel 840i Caption Telephone

Hamilton CapTel 840i Caption Telephone
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The Hamilton CapTel 840i works like any other telephone with one important addition: it displays every word the caller says throughout the conversation. The captioned phone allows patients to utilize their residual hearing to listen to what a caller sys while reading captions at the same time. CapTel services are absolutely FREE of charge and do NOT require involvement of Relay Phone Services.

*Requires telephone service and high-speed internet connection via ethernet or WiFi.

  • Wireless internet capability � the 840i now works with WiFi connections as well as wired/Ethernet connections
  • Offers up to 40 dB of amplification
  • Captions can be turned on/off as needed
  • Callers can dial your number directly
  • Built-in answering machine
  • Adjustable font sizes and colors � extra large font for easier reading
  • Large 7� LCD display screen with greater resolution
  • Phonebook can store up to 95 numbers
  • Greater security � all captions are now AES encrypted
  • One year warranty