The Ear-Organs of Hearing & Balance

The Ear-Organs of Hearing & Balance
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  • Laminated, flexible, and colorful poster
  • Useful chart showing the anatomy of the ear
  • Detailed central image shows the anatomy of and the structures that make up the ear
  • All of the major parts of the ear are illustrated and labeled on the central image
  • Many of the structures are depicted with close up detailed illustrations
  • Textually explains and illustrates how we hear from the ear to the brain - the physiology of sound
  • Illustrated & labeled are:
    • Right auricle
    • Right tympanic
    • Membrane with detail close-up
    • Middle ear with detail close-up
    • Close up of the auditory ossicles
    • Detail of the membranous labyrinth including a detail of the cochlear labyrinth
    • Membranous ampulla
    • Organ of Corti
    • Macula of saccule
  • (2) Grommets located at top of poster for use when hanging
  • Size: 20 W x 26 H