Univox Wireless Loop Kit

Univox Wireless Loop Kit
Item# DLS50LP-O
Retail price: $234.95
Sale price: $204.95
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The Univox kit is a wireless loop system that transforms your hearing aids with t-coils, cochlear implants or earpiece into personal loudspeakers. Hear clear TV sound that's sent directly to your ears - no receiver, no headset. Hear people talking (with optional microphone). Hear a telephone conversation in both ears (with optional telephone adapter). Two year warranty.

  • Simple, "do it yourself" installation - just plug it in
  • Small, thin Univox amplifier is less than 1" high
  • Volume control and volume level indicator
  • Tone controls for increased clarity
  • U.S. adapter plug and connector cord
  • Portable (with optional accessories)

Options available:
  • Pad ($204.95) (pictured above)
    • Includes loop pad
    • Thin loop pad slips under the chair cushion
    • Use in auto (with optional car power adapter)

  • Wire ($214.95)
    • Includes 100' loop wire