Phonak EasyLink+

Phonak EasyLink+
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Designed to be ultra-simple to understand and use, EasyLink+ keeps complexity to a minimum, offering a succinct set of features that less tech-savvy users will love.

Dynamic FM
Dynamic FM is the new global standard for FM systems. Available for teenagers, adults and schools, Dynamic FM improves the signal-to-noise ratio in very challenging listening situations by over 15 dB compared to traditional FM systems, and over 25 dB compared to hearing instruments alone.

Single microphone setting
EasyLink+ offers a single microphone setting Zoom mode - and features just one button for easy On/Off switching. Hearing professionals can reprogram the microphone's behavior to suit the exact needs of the listener.

SoftLanding technology
This significantly enhances a transmitter user's listening comfort by instantly reducing the gain of sharp, abrupt noises such as the bang made when a transmitter is placed on a flat surface. It even reduces other peak sounds such as slamming doors and banging dishes.

Audio input
EasyLink+ can be used to watch TV, listen to music, or with an in-car GPS unit, thanks to its audio input feature. Simply connect it to any device that features an audio input for headphones, Scart (video standard) socket, or Cinch (HiFi standard) socket.