Companion Mics Neckloop

Companion Mics Neckloop
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  • UniVox neck loop is developed and designed to give hearing impaired with a hearing aid, a comfortable and nice looking aid for listening to personal wireless receivers, induction loop drivers or wireless guide systems
  • The neck loop is passive and no batteries are needed. However, it�s powerful enough for most applications. The neck loop consists of 32 turns of very thin wire, embedded in a soft, yet durable dark blue fabric with high wearing comfort
  • Low weight together with the structure of the fabric makes it possible to widening the neck loop by �hanging it on the shoulders� and thereby reaching the full effect. The connection cable is 70 cm which makes it possible to connect it directly to a body pack receiver worn in a belt clip or a pocket
  • The neck loop should be worn on top of the clothing without direct contact with the skin. The fabric can be cleaned by using a damp cloth with mild detergent to carefully work the fabric
  • Never soak the neck loop. Let the fabric dry by itself.

  • Passive construction, no batteries needed
  • Works together with most wireless receivers, guide systems and induction loop amplifiers
  • 32 turns of thin wire embedded in dark blue fabric
  • Low weight (35g) and fabric structure makes widening the neck loop by �hanging it on the shoulders� easy, thereby reaching the full effect
  • Nice looking, lightweight and comfortable
  • 70 cm cable with 3.5 mm stereo plug
  • Signal connected to tip, earth connected to base, ring is empty
  • Resistance 28 Ohm
  • Inductance 1 mH
  • Weight 35 gram