ETY-Kids 3 Earphones & Headset w/ 3-Button Apple Control

ETY-Kids 3 Earphones & Headset w/ 3-Button Apple Control
Retail price: $84.95
Sale price: $74.95

ETY·Kids 3 Safe-Listening Earphones are engineered for safe sound output while maintaining Etymotic Research’s superior sound quality. By controlling earphone sensitivity, it is not necessary to restrict the volume setting on the player. Sound heard through ETY-Kids earphones will not exceed safe levels when used with today’s popular portable players. ACCU-Chamber Technology acts as a 3-band equalizer to enhance response accuracy and smooth harmful response peaks.

  • High Noise Isolation
  • Best Sound Quality
  • ACCU-Fit Eartips – Seal the ears to block out distracting background noise
  • Designed by the company that invented in-ear earphones & high-fidelity hearing protection
  • Medical-Grade Eartips – Offered in several sizes to fit even the smallest ears
  • Intended for Ages 4 & Up – And for anyone with overly sensitive to loud sound
  • Compatibility – Use with ANY device that has a standard 3.5 mm jack. Devices Include:
    • iPod
    • iPad
    • MP3 players
    • DVD players
    • Tablets
    • Gaming devices, etc.

Package Includes:
  • ETY-Kids earphones & headset
  • Assortment of ACCU-Fit eartips
  • Shirt clip
  • Zipper pouch