VibraLITE 3

VibraLITE 3
Item# GAD-VL300V-B-HC
Retail price: $69.95
Sale price: $59.95
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The Vibralite 3 vibrating watch has the same features as the Vibralite 2 but with a great new feature: the Auto-Reload Countdown Timer.

The Auto-Reload Countdown Timer can be set for seconds, minutes and hours. Its many uses include the timing of medication, presentations, and parking meters. It will automatically reload to the preset countdown time. Once the timer gets to 0, you can stop the timer or reactivate it without having to set up the time again. The Auto-Reload Countdown Timer is a very convenient feature if you need to use a timer frequently. A timer/watch may be used as a wake-up alarm, however it is suggested that heavy sleepers use a standard clock/vibrator unit. One year warranty. Watchband not included under warranty.

  • Two alarm settings with automatic off
  • Countdown timer with automatic off
  • Second clock for second time zone
  • Stopwatch
  • Vibration or beep alarm
  • 12 or 24 hour clock
  • Hourly alert option
  • Stainless steel back

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Options available:
  • Blue ($59.95) (pictured above)
    • Fits wrist sizes 6-1/4" - 7-1/2"

  • White w/ light blue trim ($59.95)
    • Fits wrist sizes 6-1/4" - 7-1/2"

  • Stainless Steel ($79.95)
    • Fits wrist sizes 5.125" - 7.875"