Hal Hen Super Dri Aid

Hal Hen Super Dri Aid
Item# 2579-O
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Secure longer life and continuous efficiency for hearing aids.

Moisture is the enemy of all hearing aids. Dampness, humidity and body moisture reduce their sensitivity, shorten battery life and cause corrosion. Where moisture conditions are excessive, the sensitive microphone and receiver may even become inoperable.

Both the Super Dri Aid and the Mini Super Dri Aid protect all types of hearing aids from moisture.

Before retiring for the evening, place hearing aid inside jar on top of foam pad and close cover securely. Pellets start working immediately to remove harmful moisture from hearing aid. Remove aid next day when ready to use.

Compare these features:

  • Super Dri Aid is the most effective desiccant available. Utilizing special molecular sieve pellets which are physically and chemically different from silica gel based products, Super Dri Aid pellets have an enormous capacity to hold moisture and based upon regional moisture conditions, can last for months before requiring rejuvenation.
  • Special blue indicator pellets turn opaque to let you know when rejuvenation is required. Super Dri Aid can be rejuvenated many times and will give you years of service.
  • Super Dri Aid is very useful in keeping testing molds and tips free from moisture as well as removing moisture from canal and ITE instruments.
  • Super Dri Aid is ideal for use at home or office. For traveling see Mini Super Dri Aid, its smaller size makes it ideal for traveling.
  • Comparable to DRY-ALL AidDri Dehumidifier

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