Geemarc CLA3 Hearing Aid Compatible Headset

Geemarc CLA3 Hearing Aid Compatible Headset
Item# HC-CLA3-HC
Retail price: $79.95
Sale price: $69.95

Conventional headphones can cause distortion and discomfort when worn with hearing aids, which can prevent you from enjoying personal music, radio, mobile phone features, movies, online games, and Skype. The Geemarc CLA3 is a t-coil headphone with extra-sensitive microphone that allows you to have interactive interference-free listening with any device that has a standard headphone jack. In addition, the CLA3 functions in a conventional sense, providing audible sound and essentially giving you the best of both hearing aid compatible technology and other standard headsets. One year warranty.

  • High quality and comfort
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Volume control
  • Includes both 2.5mm and 3.5mm jack plugs for use with mobile phones, Skype, laptops, CD or MP3 players or game consoles

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