Contacta HDL3 Loop Pad

Contacta HDL3 Loop Pad

The HDL3 Loop pad is an easy way to loop a chair or your car. Use with the Contacta HLD3 Loop Amplifier, and have sound from a TV or sound system transmitted right to your t-coil hearing aids or t-coil receiver.

Set-up is simple—just place the pad under a chair or cushion. The HDL3 Loop Pad is also ideal for looping your vehicle—just place it under your car seat. The pad measures 18? x 18? and comes with a 30 foot cord so it will reach just about anywhere you want to sit. The 2-conductor flat cord will tuck under most baseboards to hide it from view.

The Loop Pad does not work by itself—it needs to be plugged into the red and black spring clips on the back of the Contacta HLD3 loop amplifier.