Comfort Contego Basic Listening System

Comfort Contego Basic Listening System
Retail price: $2,099.95
Sale price: $1,999.95

The Comfort Contego Basic Multi-User Listening System was created to make it easier for courts, schools, public or private institutions and employers to implement a multi-user system for hard of hearing people that complies with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

This wireless FM high definition system transmits over multiple secure channels. The HD sound filters out background noise and delivers crisp, audible sound from afar, with or without hearing aids. The Comfort Contego is FCC and CE approved and follows mandated guidelines by the ADA to accommodate individuals with hearing loss.

Expandable, Secure System
With no wires or any other installation, the system is preeminently portable, within the courtroom, classroom or other public or private place. The portability, secure transmissions, multiple channels and additional transmitters and receivers present a very flexible and expandable system for many needs. Three receivers are included in this system, however additional Contego receiver units may be purchased to accommodate more users.

What it Includes
The system consists of a transmitter that can send to one or more receivers (three receivers are included). The lightweight units, each about 2 oz., have built-in zoom microphones that can be adjusted remotely from each receiver for maximum sound customization.

Purchased separately, the combined cost of the individual components is over $2,400! Save more than $400 with this basic listening system package.

  • 1 Contego Transmitter
  • 3 Contego Receivers
  • 3 Headphones
  • 3 Neckloops
  • 1 Sound Kit/Audio Cable
  • 2 Charge Units
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 High impact, lockable aluminum case with expansion slots

Special order. Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery for this item.