Future Call SOS Pendant Phone

Future Call SOS Pendant Phone
Item# HC-FC0206-HC
Retail price: $199.95
Sale price: $194.95

The wearable two-way talking pendant in this emergency dial Future Call phone is the Man Down Function, which detects when the user has fallen and automatically dials the emergency contact numbers. An added benefit is this phone does not require any monthly subscriptions.

Make regular phone calls with the Future Call SOS Pendant Phone, with the peace of mind that help can be called with just the push of a button without any monitoring fees.

For those living alone or for people who are worried about falls and not being able to call for help, the wearable pendant's Man Down feature detects when the user has fallen and, after 10 seconds of stillness, will go through and call the list of pre-programmed emergency contacts. The wearer and the emergency contact can then communicate through the pendant. The pendant beeps to indicate that the Man Down feature has been activated and can be turned off if they don't need help.

  • DECT technology
  • Non-amplified phone with louder than average call volume
  • 2-way communication pendant with SOS button
  • Automatic speakerphone activation during SOS calling
  • Dedicated SOS call flow logic disconnects any active call so emergency numbers can be dialed
  • Waterproof pendant can be worn in the shower (do not submerge in water, such as while bathing)
  • Pendant dimensions: 2.2" x 1.5" x 0.6"
  • British female voice prompts for ease of operation
  • Emergency contacts: 3
  • Standby time: 3 days
  • Range up to 130 ft
  • Battery backup 8-12 hours depending on battery quality (4 AAA NiMH batteries not included)
  • Man down detection in pendant automatically starts calling emergency contacts if user falls and lays still for 10 seconds
  • Pills alarm is a countdown alarm that can be set 4 times a day in 4 hour intervals

  • Pendant with battery
  • Base unit
  • Lanyard
  • Power adapter

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