Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled Alarm Clock

Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled Alarm Clock
Retail price: $109.95
Sale price: $99.99

Reminder Rosie is a voice controlled reminder clock with battery backup that's so easy to use, seniors actually use her. The clock plugs into the wall outlet for power, but battery backup (3 AAA batteries not included) retains the clock time and alarm settings even during a power outage. Rosie provides a simple, 100% hands free solution that helps you remember your medication, appointments, bill payments, tasks, etc. - without touching any buttons! The familiar-looking LED clock records personalized voice reminders that announce at ANY Time, in ANY language. Loud alarm and large display. So simple to use for the elderly, they actually enjoy her!

  • Hear reminders from over 100 feet (30m) away
  • Record 10 personal reminders for everyday, any day of the week or today only
  • Reminders and time/date are retained during a power failure
  • Voice or manual operation
  • Large 2 inch LED digits are visible at any angle