Sennheiser RS 170 Wireless TV Amplifying System

Sennheiser RS 170 Wireless TV Amplifying System
Item# HC-RS170
Retail price: $309.95
Sale price: $279.95

Few TV listening headphone systems offer better home theater listening performance than the wireless Sennheiser RS 170 TV Amplifying System. Enjoy rich, full sound from your home theater system with this audiophile-quality wireless headphone system. The RS 170 supports up to 4 receivers with bass boost and simulated surround sound.

This wireless headphone system consists of a pair of wireless headphones and multi-purpose transmitter that also functions as an "easy-charge" cradle and docking station. The RS 170 also features a Dynamic Bass Boost and Surround Sound simulation mode for edge-of-your-seat excitement for listening to movies and music.

The RS 170 uses KLEER's uncompressed digital wireless audio transmission (it sounds wired!), offering a range of up to 260 feet, audiophile-grade sound and reception to four optional pairs of Sennheiser KLEER headphones. There's no need to fuss with tuning again thanks to automatic, interference-free pairing between the headphone and transmitter.

Exceptionally detailed, full-bodied sound reproduction is pumped into the listener's ears, filling the sealed, private earcups with liquid smooth audio. The headphones' leatherette earpads and headband cushions deliver outstanding comfort while their closed, around-the-ear design prevents sound leakage to avoid disturbing others. No setup required - just plug and play. Simply connect the transmitter to your personal audio/video player, put on the headphones and turn it on!

  • 110dB SPL
  • 2.4 - 2.8GHz frequency
  • KLEER uncompressed audio transmission for interference-free reception
  • Selectable Dynamic Bass Boost for deep bass response on demand
  • Selectable Surround Sound simulation provides immersing depth for a state-of-the-art movie theater experience
  • Multi-purpose transmitter also functions as "easy-charge" cradle and docking station
  • Multi-receiver mode - up to 4 users can to the same source
  • Audiophile-level transducer system for clear and detailed audio reproduction
  • Leatherette earpads and headband cushions for outstanding comfort
  • No complex setup - just plug into the analog audio outputs on your audio source
  • KLEER wireless technology will not interfere with wireless networks or other 2.4GHz devices
  • Range: up to 260 feet (approx. 80m)
  • Operating time: approx 24 hours
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
  • Uses 2 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries (included)

  • HDR 170 headphones
  • TR 170 transmitter (dimensions: 12.5cm x 10cm x 23cm)
  • Power supply with country adapters
  • Stereo audio cable with 3.5mm jack plugs
  • Adapter 3.5mm jack socket to 1/4" (6.3mm) jack plug
  • Adapter 3.5mm jack socket to 2 RCA plugs
  • (2) AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Cable dresser
  • Cable binder
  • Quick guide including CD-ROM with detailed instruction manual (PDF)
  • Safety guide

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