Serene Innovations Jumbo Keyed Telephone

Serene Innovations Jumbo Keyed Telephone
Item# HD-50JV-O
Retail price: $139.95
Sale price: $129.95

The HD-50JV provides you with 45dB amplification; increasing sound up to 200 times louder. The HD-50JV features voice activated answering, just say "Hello" to answer incoming calls without touching the phone. Ideal for people with mobility impairments.

  • High Definition Sound Technology ensures crystal clear conversation
  • Up to 40 dB of handset amplification
  • “No-touch voice activated answering” on incoming calls
  • Talking keypad & controls
  • “AMPLIFY” key that remembers handset volume setting
  • Four (4) digital tone control settings
  • High performance speakerphone
  • Selectable talking language (English, Francais, & Espanol)
  • Three one-touch memories
  • Ten 2-touch memories
  • Super loud ringer
  • Dual ring flasher (front and side)
  • Hold with indicator
  • Battery back-up option on base
  • One year warranty