HUSH Wireless Smart Earplugs

Item# HUSH-O
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  • Smart, rechargeable earplugs designed to reduce environmental sound to facilitate restful sleep
  • Access to 15 soothing sound tracks including waterfall, brook, forest, rain, and white noise to mask tinnitus or for a more relaxed experience falling asleep
  • Controlled entirely by smartphone (iPhone 4s or new versions; Android phones with Android OS version 4.3 or higher AND Bluetooth 4.0 hardware/Bluetooth Low Energy enabled) or an iPod Touch Gen 5. NOTE: currently does not support Android Tablets or iPads.
  • Perfect product for patients seeking a good night sleep including patients with tinnitus, snoring spouse, loud residential area, or frequent travel
  • Potential option for managing misophonia

  • Choice of memory foam and silicone eartips for up to 30dB of passive noise isolation
  • Up to 8 continuous hours of soothing sounds for additional masking of noise or disturbing sounds
  • Notification filter controls which alarms may awake user during sleep (i.e. alarm clock, emergency phone calls, etc)
  • Charging case equipped with built-in battery which enables it to fully charge HUSH (3) times without having to be plugged in
  • Automatic sound track shut-off feature to ensure enough battery maintained to activate personal alarm in the morning
  • GPS locator feature tags location earplugs last used in the event misplaced (see COOL STUFF in the Product Docs tab below)
  • One year warranty

  • Low profile designed follows contours of ear for maximum comfort, even when sleeping on your side
  • Personal alarms delivered directly to your ears, allowing you to wake up without disturbing others
  • Ultra-low radiation; stored audio files at the level of the earplugs, resulting in a fraction of the radiation typically emitted by Bluetooth headsets during cell phone calls

  • (1) pair of HUSH Smart Earplugs
  • (6) pairs of foam eartips including small, medium, large, short small, short medium and short large
  • (3) pairs of silicone eartips including small, medium, large
  • (1) charging case
  • (1) USB to micro-USB cable
  • (1) white eartip carry bag