Infection Control for Speech-Language Pathology

Infection Control for Speech-Language Pathology
Item# bookic4-O

By A.U. Bankaitis, R.J. Kemp, K. Krival & D. Bandaranayake

  • Comprehensive book focusing on infection control and SLP
  • 11 chapters with nearly 200 pages of information
  • Review of AIDS, CMV, HBV, SARS, & more
  • 9-point infection control justification
  • Feeding/seallowing assessment
  • Examination for resonance and voice disorders
  • Oral motor examination
  • Reusable assessment and therapy materials
  • Computer assisted treatment materials
  • Step-by-step infection control protocols
  • Comprehensive infection control plan and template
  • Glossary with over 60 infection control terms
  • FAQs section