Phonak iSense

Phonak iSense
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***The iSense has been discontinued. Please see the Roger Focus***

The iSense is a state-of-the-art wireless listening system incorporating Dynamic FM - a revolutionary technology that Phonak introduced recently.

The iSense Micro's miniature and high-tech design make it the ideal system for anyone who favors:

  • a small device for light-weight wearing
  • a choice of colors to suit personal preferences
  • a flexible, left/right compatible wearing concept for comfortable and secure use
  • a virtually invisible wireless receiver resembling a bluetooth headset

The iSense Classic has various wearing options: like an MP3-player, lavalier style or in-the-pocket. A thin cable brings the signal to the listenerís ears.

iSense Classic is the choice for those preferring:

  • an affordable solution for binaural fitting
  • a directly accessible volume control
  • an easy-to-operate system with clearly visible controls and light-indicator
  • a robust body-worn housing
  • a contemporary MP3-player design

The iSense is compatible with all existing Phonak wireless transmitters. For maximum "Dynamic" benefit, the iSense should team up with a Dynamic FM wireless transmitter. Use of Phonak wireless systems with wireless systems from other manufacturers is not recommended. It can cause significant deterioration of sound quality.

User guides:
iSense Micro
iSense Classic

For more information:
iSense Brochure (Adults)
iSense Brochure (Parent/Teacher)

Options available:
  • Micro - Classic Caddy (pictured above)
  • Micro - Fiery Temper

  • Micro - Firebird

  • Micro - Green w/ Envi

  • Micro - Raku Glaze

  • Micro - Snowblade

  • Classic