Your Ears

Your Ears
Item# KS9LL-O
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  • Laminated, flexible, and colorful poster
  • Designed to make human anatomy come alive for kids
  • Colorful, clear pictures help to explain concepts
  • Examples and activities make learning and understanding fun and easy
  • Excellent tool for teaching pediatric patients about their ears, hearing, and balance
  • Colorful, anatomically correct illustrations and bright, bold figures
  • Shows the inside of the ear and how it relates to balance, demonstrates how you hear, and provides a "portrait of a sound"
  • Chart describes ear problems and loudness and answers questions such as "Why do your ears pop?" and "What are the spins?"
  • Includes fun facts ("Sounds travel 4 times faster in water than in air!") and fun projects for the home or classroom to show how the ears and hearing work
  • (2) Grommets located at top of poster for use when hanging
  • Size: 20 W x 26 H