Listen LS-23 Professional Installation System

Listen LS-23 Professional Installation System
Item# LT-LS23-HC
Retail price: $1,299.95
Sale price: $1,099.95

The LS-23 Professional Installation stationary system from Listen Technologies provides superior broadcast coverage up to 1,500 ft for classrooms, auditoriums, places of worship and other large venues.

The Listen Technologies LS-23 Professional RF Installation system delivers the clear listening experience your customers deserve. It overcomes the frustrating and common hearing challenges caused by distance, background noise or poor room acoustics. The LS-23 ensures that your facility meets the requirements of the 2010 ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards for accessible design.

The LS-23 confidently provides the premium coverage venues desire with an operating range of up to 1,500 feet! The LS-23 comes complete and ready for professional installation. Expandable to accommodate additional listeners and easily customized, the Listen Technologies LS-23 is the professional choice that provides a great listening experience and easy installation process.

  • Superior audio quality with 80dB SNR
  • 100% digital receivers are digitally tuned so the transmission won't drift
  • Long transmission range up to 1,500 ft ensures coverage for the entire venue
  • 72MHz system
  • Broadcasts on up to 57 different wide band channels
  • Receivers are frequency agile to 17 wide band frequencies

  • LT-800 72MHz stationary FM transmitter
  • LA-122 universal antenna kit
  • LA-326 universal rack mounting kit
  • 4 LR-300 FM receivers
  • 4 LA-161 single earbuds
  • 2 LA-166 neckloops
  • 4 LA-361 AA alkaline batteries
  • Dual RCA to dual RCA cable 6.6ft
  • Assistive Listening Notification signage kit

Subject to a return fee.