Mack's Pro Rinse Earwax Removal Kit

Mack's Pro Rinse Earwax Removal Kit
Item# MACKS18-O
Retail price: $14.95
Sale price: $11.95

A better solution for earwax problems! Features a steady-flow syringe (safe, easy-to-use, allows control of rinse-flow rate) with a unique Tri-Stream Rinse Tip (provides a safer, more complete, multi-directional rinse). Itís the most complete earwax removal kit available!

  • Unique Tri-Stream Rinse Tip
    • Reduces risk of over insertion
    • Directs water against ear canal wall, virtually eliminating risk of eardrum perforation
    • Prohibits pressure buildup during rinse action
  • Special Steady-Flow Syringe
    • Easy-to-hold / Easy-to-use
    • Provides control of rinse-flow rate
    • Works with Tri-Stream Rinse Tip

  • FDA approved Carbamide Peroxide drops
  • Aqua Block Earplugs
    • To hold drops in ears, allowing user ability to move about while treatment is underway
  • Steady-flow syringe
  • Tri-Stream Rinse Tip
  • Ear wash rinse tub