Road-Aide III

Road-Aide III
Item# ra2-O

Portable Office

•Original leather on plywood carrying case

•Expanded selection of supplies and materials

•Now includes compartment for clien/patient folders

•Additional space for your customized needs

•Organizes all of your needs at a cost far below the prices of individual tools and materials

Each kit contains:

1-ADCO™ Cement - 1/2 oz. bottle

1-Tubing air blower

1-Earmold box

1-Tube DUCO© cement

1-Wooden handle spatula

1-Hearing aid stethoscope with ITE & BTE adapters

1-Penlight with eartip

1-bag 13m, 13T & 13 TT Tubing

1-Tube Audiologist's Choice® Anti-itch Cream

1-Activair® battery tester

5-Alcohol preps

1-Mini Can (36) AudioWipes™

1-Mixing cup




1-bag small, med. and large cotton ear dams

1-bag small, med. and large foam ear dams

3-Disposable curettes

1-Disposable otoscope

4-Batteries of each size

1-Pair Latex exam glove

1-#60 Reamer

1-#35 Reamer

1-Tubing Puller

1-Wax loop

1-Audiologist's Choice® Earwax Removal System

1-Needle nose pliers

1-Miniature screw driver

1-Tweezers used as tubing expander

1-Tweezers rounded


1-Magnifier loupe

10-Safe Sound head phone covers