Sonic Alert HomeAware Smartphone Transmitter

Sonic Alert HomeAware Smartphone Transmitter
Retail price: $99.95
Sale price: $79.95

Use the HA360SPT to create a link between the HomeAware Alerting System and your smartphone! Once connected to the HomeAware, your phone will act as both a transmitter AND receiver.

Plug the HA360SP into the back of the HA360 Main Unit and it will create a link with your Bluetooth smartphone. Download the free HomeAware app to your phone.

Notification of Calls or Texts
The HA360 Main Unit will alert you to calls and texts with flashing lights, loud alarm and vibration. It will scroll either “cell” or “text” across the screen along with the caller's number or name (if it is programmed into your phone). If you have any other receivers in your HomeAware system, they will be activated as well.

Receiving Transmitter Alerts
Whenever a transmitter in the HomeAware system is activated by an event, such as doorbell or baby cry, an alert will pop up on your smartphone.

  • No battery required, powered by the HA360M Main Unit
  • Pushes alerts to smartwatches (like the Pebble)
  • Phone must be in Bluetooth® range (up to 30 ft) to receive and send signals
  • Smartphone transmitter connects to one smartphone at a time
  • One smartphone transmitter can be connected per HomeAware system
  • App is compatible for phones with Android and iOS operating systems