Sonic Alert Sonic-Connect 2 USB Media Alert

Sonic Alert Sonic-Connect 2 USB Media Alert
Item# SA-SEC200-HC
Retail price: $49.95
Sale price: $39.95

With a USB simple plug and play setup for your computer, the Sonic-Connect 2 will keep you in touch to popular Instant Messaging Services and MS Outlook calendar and task reminders. The loud audible alarm, LED lights and vibration alert you for incoming messages. Need to step away from your computer, run an errand, or maybe put the baby down for a nap? Bright red LED lights indicate when you have a new message waiting.

As we progress with new mediums like e-mail, video phone calls, etc. your Sonic-Connect will be easily upgraded at no cost by simply downloading the new updates when available.

  • Alerts to IM messages via Skype, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, MSN, AIM and more
  • Alerts to MS Outlook Calendar and Task reminders
  • Red LED light for missed messages
  • Plug-n-play portable device for home or travel
  • Uses standard computer USB connection
  • Free updates as new programs become available
  • Works with Windows PC running Windows XP or higher; not compatible with Apple products

Getting started:
  1. Plug the SEC200 into a working USB port on your computer (Windows XP or higher).
  2. Install driver program by running the file called, sec200setup.exe file, and then follow the directions in the Setup Wizard.
  3. Click Next when ready.
  4. Next you'll see the "Select Installation Folder" screen. It is best to install the program in the default folder. To accept the default folder, click Next.
  5. Confirm Installation window will be displayed. Press Next.
  6. The program will be installed. When the installation is complete, the install complete window will be displayed.
  7. Click Close.
  8. The user manual has now been installed on your desktop in a file called: Sonic-connect.