Silent Call Legacy Series Lamplighter Kit 3

Silent Call Legacy Series Lamplighter Kit 3
Item# SC-LLK3-HC
Retail price: $169.95
Sale price: $149.97

The Lamplighter Kit 3 is a complete alerting solution for doorbell and phone/VP—all at an incredible price!

Any table lamp becomes an alerting device once plugged into the Lamplighter. When the Lamplighter receives notification from a Legacy Series Transmitter, the table lamp flashes a unique pattern to help you distinguish between events like door, smoke alarm and phone calls.

The Lamplighter’s circular receiver is placed on top of the table and the lamp is plugged into the square base, which is placed under the table and plugged into a standard 110-volt electrical outlet. The Lamplighter will let you know if the lamp is disconnected or turned off.

Add Lamplighter Receivers for notification in additional rooms!

Purchase additional Legacy Series transmitters for notification to other events like baby cry, CO and bad weather and receivers for notification in additional rooms.

  • Wireless Doorbell Transmitter: Install near any door and will send a signal to the Lamplighter once pressed. Includes a 12V alkaline battery.
  • Lamplighter Receiver with Jack for Phone/VP Call Notification: Plug in any table lamp for unique flash notification as well as LED indicator lights for each transmitter.
  • Lamplighter Battery Back-Up: Ensures your lamplighter works, even when the power is out.
  • Bed Shaker: Plug into the Lamplighter and place under your pillow for vibration notification of transmitters.

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