Sennheiser Set-900 TV Listening System

Sennheiser Set-900 TV Listening System
Item# SET-900-O
Retail price: $399.95
Sale price: $349.95

  • The receiver of the Set 900 is equipped with two external microphones, which gently amplify conversations even in loud places, such as restaurants. It also improves awareness of listeners' surroundings, such as a ringing telephone or the door bell, while watching TV.
  • Listeners can bring the receiver to any theater or concert hall equipped with infrared transmission, so they'll never miss a word of a movie, play or show.
  • Easily connects to most TVs, stereo systems or radio wireless freedom
  • Convenient sound and volume controls for a personalized listening experience
  • Compression switch neutralizes unpleasant differences between quiet and loud sounds - such as louder commercials - while enhancing speech intelligibility Long-lasting listening enjoyment
  • The receiver can be placed in the transmitter's charger facing in either direction - charging starts automatically
  • Transmitter includes integrated charging compartment for spare battery
  • Lightweight design and soft, flexible ear cushions ensure the headphones remain comfortable even after long periods of use
  • Ergonomically designed controls and easy-to-read LCDs make the system especially easy to handle
  • Unbeatable portability

  • All in one model:
    • TV listening set
    • Hearing amplifier
    • Personal theater headphone
  • Switchable channels:
    • 2.3 & 2.8 stereo
    • 2.3 mono
    • 2.8 mono
    • 95 kHz mono
  • Stereo microphone included for personal sound amplification
  • Foldable ear bows makes unit portable
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack for extended audio enjoyment (12 hours)
  • Three selectable hearing settings on transmitter for adjustment of sound to individuals hearing level
  • Two integrated microphones ensure that no ambient sounds are missed such as door bell or telephone
  • Balance control for right/left volume adjustment is on the receiver
  • Compression pre settings to compensate different types of hearing loss
  • Automatic on/off function conserves battery power
  • Signals are transmitted by infrared light up to a distance of 40 feet, anywhere within a room
  • Adjustable volume, balance and treble settings
  • LED's indicating operation status
  • 2-year warranty