Siemens Stay Dri Dehumidifier

Siemens Stay Dri Dehumidifier
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Siemens Stay Dri Dehumidifier is a drying system for all types of traditional hearing aids as well as cochlear implants.

Best results are achieved when used faithfully every night rather than waiting until your aid fails from moisture build-up.

Results include:
  • Fewer repairs
  • Better sound quality
  • Fresh and clean hearing aids

If you have ever experienced fuzzy or distorted sound, weakness, static, intermittency, short battery life, or even all-out failure of your hearing aids, and you've confirmed that the batteries are good, there's a good chance that the culprit is either moisture or earwax. In fact, manufacturers report that as many as 1/2 of the aids they receive for repair are malfunctioning due to moisture or earwax. Thanks to Stay Dri, you can save yourself the time, expense, and aggravation of those preventable repairs.

The Siemens Stay Dri Hearing Aid Dehumidifier can easily be rejuvenated by baking in your microwave oven once per month for 30 seconds.

Available in 2 options:
  • Jar
  • Pouch ($11)