Howard Leight Smart Fit

Howard Leight Smart Fit
Item# SMF30-O
Retail price: $29.95
Sale price: $26.95

Ears are like people Ė each is unique and different. Thatís what makes SmartFit such a marvel of user-friendly design. The only multiple-use reusable earplug with Conforming Material Technology, SmartFit uses body heat to adapt to the shape of the ear canal for a comfortable, personalized fit. With a detachable cord system, HearPack carry case and special application styles available, itís the ultra-smart choice for todayís diverse workplace.

  • Conforming Material Technology
  • Patented Conforming Material Technology uses body heat to adapt to the individual shape of each wearerís ear canal
  • Delivers superior comfort and a truly individual fit
  • Simplifies inventory control Ė a single product fits almost every wearer
  • Detachable cord system and HearPack storage case

Comes with 20 pairs.