Siemens Tek

Siemens Tek
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Retail price: $619.95
Sale price: $519.95

You live in a connected world. Mobile. Instant. Always on.
Every day there's a new way to be entertained, be informed, be in touch. Tek brings it together, wirelessly, for a clearer, easier listening experience with the following hearing aids:

Be one with your world
  • Pure micon
  • Motion
  • Nitro BTE
  • Siemens Life
  • Aquaris
  • Insio 7mi/5mi

  • Wireless connection to your mobile phone, TV, and other audio devices
  • Transmits audio signals to both ears in true stereo
  • Enhanced speech clarity in noisy environments
  • SoundBalance (treble control) to input tone preferences
  • Automatically switches to phone mode from different programs

  • Easy-to-use remote control and streamer in one
  • Large pushbuttons for direct program selection
  • Clearly displays status information

Tek accessories make communication and entertainment even easier.

The Tek transmitter can be connected to your phone, TV, DVR, or MP3 player. The transmitter uses Bluetooth wireless technology to communicates with the Tek remote control and stream audio directly into your hearing aids.

Discover Tek
The Tek wireless enhancement system allows you to access your favorite audio devices through a smart and powerful remote control. Move your mouse across each device to see how Tek helps you connect.

Tek wirelessly connects your hearing aids to phones, MP3 players, home theater system, gaming system, tablets, TVs, mobile phones, and many other devices with Bluetooth wireless technology.