The Hearing Counseling Kit

The Hearing Counseling Kit
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Author: Eleanor Strombert PhD

Important hearing counseling information used to come off the top of your it's at the tip of your fingers

Supply overall better hearing services to you clients with The Hearing Counseling Kit. This composite of hearing counseling materials will help you to answer questions, address concerns, provide explanations, and offer comprehensive hearing information to your clients. Included in The Hearing Counseling Kit is the Speech Box which visually represents the effects of different types of hearing impairments, and an audiotape, which simulates what a hearing loss may sound like. You'll also find a complete set of handout materials covering the full range of hearing topics. Each topic is discussed thoroughly in language that is clear and simple.

...Best of all, the handouts may be photocopied so your clients can have a copy for personal reference.

Handouts include the following...
  • The Hearing Path
  • Hearing Loss Symptoms
  • Causes of Hearing Loss
  • Prevalence of Hearing Loss
  • The Speech Box: Instructions for Professionals
  • The Speech Box and Your Hearing Loss Shape
  • Audiotape Script: What Does Hearing Loss Sound Like?
  • What is an Audiologist?
  • A Hearing Evaluation: What to Expect
  • The Effect of Hearing Loss on Talking and Learning to Talk
  • What is a Hearing Aid?
  • Quick Fixes for Hearing Aid Problems
  • Cochlear Implants
  • The Americans with Disabliities Act: Access for Hearing Information Sources on Hearing
  • Glossary

New Sheets Just Added
  • Lipreading Tips
  • Keys to Good Listening for People Who are Hard of Hearing
  • Feelings and Hearing Loss
  • Tips for Communicating with a Person Who Has a Hearing Loss
  • Hearing at the Movies
  • Hearing at Hotels and Motels
  • What Does Your Hearing Aid Warranty Mean?
  • How to Read your Audiogram
  • Financial Assistance for Hearing AId Purchase
  • Myths About Hearing Aids

What does hearing loss sound like? (Audiotape/CD)
  • Helps individuals with normal hearing to understand what hearing loss sounds like
  • Guides the listener through mild and severe hearing loss simulations
  • Divided into three section; single words, simple instructions, everyday conversation

Speech Box
  • Offers a visual explanation of why people who are hard of hearing are able to hear some sounds and not others
  • Simplifies an approximate graph of the spectrum of speech sounds: loudness increases from top to bottom, pitch increases from left to right
  • Uses colored areas to show which speech sounds a person who is hard of hearing would be unable to hear: Each color corresponds to a different type of impairment.