Turbo Ears Sound Amplifier

Turbo Ears Sound Amplifier
Retail price: $39.95
Sale price: $31.95

Are you missing out on life's subtle sounds?

Now you can improve your hearing and your life...No one wants to admit they have trouble hearing or need a hearing aid. Conventional hearing aids can be time consuming to shop for, and quite expensive. The Turbo Ear is a sound amplifier that's affordable and easy to use. Better hearing can mean a happier life for you and those around you. You'll be able to hear conversations with new clarity, enjoy watching TV with the volume turned down, even enjoy live theatre again. While some sound amplifiers can cost hundreds of dollars, the Turbo Ear is a remarkable value!

  • Designed to fit in either ear
  • Almost invisible in your ear
  • Clear sound reception
  • Adjustable volume and on/off controls
  • Reduces background noise
  • Works up to 7 hours with a full charge