TV Ears Silicone Eartips

TV Ears Silicone Eartips
Retail price: $32.95
Sale price: $27.95

  • Includes a patented, revolutionary ear tip, not used in any other commercially available headphone
  • Provides exceptional comfort, clarity, and cleanliness
  • Originally developed for use by the U.S. Military
  • Provides TV Ears users the same exceptional sound clarifying technology
  • Within a few minutes after placement in the ear, the tip, warmed by the earís heat, will conform to the inside of the ear
  • Provides a seal that reduces outside noises while creating an acoustically sealed chamber for TV Ears to reproduce extremely natural sound and, in particular, voices and dialog
  • Comes in 5 pairs (10 per pack)
  • Silicone ear tips are not used in conjunction with the snap tip adapters

Options available:
  • Digital/3.0
  • 5.0