Starkey VFusion Rechargeable Battery System

Starkey VFusion Rechargeable Battery System
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Batteries are key to delivering optimal hearing aid performance, which is key to ensuring patient satisfaction. Starkey ZPower batteries and the new VFusion Rechargeable Battery System put a positive charge into both.

Bring green, safe and all-day rechargeable power to your hearing aids with our VFusion Rechargeable Battery System. Available for non-wireless 13 and 312 custom, RIC and BTE devices, the VFusion Rechargeable Battery System is a new, more convenient way to power your hearing aids. It puts an end to single-use hearing aid batteries.

With VFusion, you'll enjoy:

  • Universal USB charging system
  • Wall charger
  • Car charger
  • Won't lose hearing aid power when you need it most
  • No longer need to carry spare batteries

Reliable Performance
  • 18-hour operating time (max); 16 hours minimum
  • Resistant to humidity or pollutants
  • Delivers up to 2-3 times more energy than other rechargeable systems

Environmental Advantages
  • Fewer batteries purchased means fewer batteries thrown away
  • VFusion batteries are recyclable
  • Feature a safe, mercury-free and water-based chemistry

Compatible Starkey product families (non-wireless only) include 3 Series, Tour, X Series, Ignite, S Series iQ and S Series. Only use VFusion batteries in Starkey hearing aids and only recharge in the VFusion charger. (Note: Use of VFusion rechargeable batteries with other brand devices may cause damage.)

Sizes available:
  • 13
  • 312

To see if your hearing aid is compatible, please refer to the compatibility chart.

Compatibility Chart

User Manual