Williams Sound PockeTalker Ultra Amplifier

Williams Sound PockeTalker Ultra Amplifier
Item# WS-PKTD1-0-HC
Retail price: $199.95
Sale price: $169.95

The Pocketalker Ultra amplifies sounds close to the listener while reducing background noise, making it ideal for use in noisy situations, TV listening, one-on-one communication, small groups or listening in a car. With the single mini earphone, the Pocketalker can get up to 123dB SPL high volume output and clarity. Achieve nearly 200 hours of typical usage; the red light on the top panel flashes when the battery is low.

Separate tone and volume controls are located on the outside of the case for easy adjustments to your hearing needs. It features a lightweight, ergonomic design for portability and easy use. Finger tip adjustable volume control allows you to quickly adjust to your listening environment - whether your hearing loss is low frequency or high frequency sounds.

The Pocketalker is backed with a five year warranty, your assurance of quality and satisfaction. Ninety day warranty on accessories.

  • 3.5 mm mono microphone plug
  • 3.5 mm mono headphone plug
  • Pocketalker Ultra uses 2 AAA alkaline batteries for 200 hours of typical usage
  • Low battery indicator
  • External volume control
  • External tone control

  • Pocketalker personal amplifier (no headset/earphone included)
  • Two AAA alkaline batteries
  • Lanyard
  • TV listening extension cord

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Options available:
  • No Earphone ($169.95) (pictured above)

  • Wide Range Earphone ($184.95)

  • Single Mini Earphone ($184.95)

  • Dual Mini Earphone ($184.95)

  • Surround Earphone ($184.95)

  • Mini Isolation Earbud ($184.95)

  • Duo Pack System ($184.95)
    • Deluxe folding headphone
    • Single mini earphone

  • Deluxe Folding Headphone ($184.95)

  • Deluxe Behind-the-Head Headphone ($184.95)

  • Heavy Duty Folding Headphone ($184.95)

  • Neckloop ($214.95)