Williams Sound PockeTalker Pro Amplifier

Williams Sound PockeTalker Pro Amplifier
Retail price: $199.95
Sale price: $169.95

With Longer Battery Life, Tone and Gain Control
A small personal amplifier for one-on-one communications and TV listening, the Pocketalker helps reduce background noise making it easier to hear in noisy situations. The 20dB high frequency boost, 25dB SPL high volume output and clarity of the Pocketalker are not found in many similar products advertised.

The Pocketalker Pro offers the same great sound quality of earlier Pocketalker models but with added features. The Pocketalker Pro uses two AA alkaline batteries for up to 100 hours of battery life.

For even greater economy, we recommend that you also purchase either the optional rechargeable battery kit (WS-BATKT3) or optional AC Adapter/Charger (WS-TFP008). A convenient charging jack allows you to charge your unit while you are using it.

To meet your individual needs, the Pocketalker Pro features an internal tone and gain control that can be adjusted by your audiologist to match your hearing ability. The Pocketalker Pro is available individually or with a choice of earphones or headsets. Five year warranty.

  • 3.5 mm mono earphone plug
  • Pocketalker Pro uses 2 AA alkaline batteries for 100 hours of typical usage (also can use 2 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries for 40 hours of typical usage or optional 3V battery charger WS-BATKT3)
  • External volume On/Off control
  • Internal tone and gain control

  • 1-Pocketalker Pro amplifier (no headset/earphone)
  • 1-System carry case
  • 2-AA batteries
  • 1-Belt clip case
  • 1-Plug mount microphone
  • 1-TV listening extension cord
  • 1-Instruction manual

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Options available:
  • No Earphone ($169.95) (pictured above)

  • Wide Range Earphone ($189.95)

  • Single Mini Earphone ($189.95)

  • Dual Mini Earphone ($189.95)

  • Surround Earphone ($189.95)

  • Single Isolation Earbud ($189.95)

  • Deluxe Folding Headphone ($189.95)

  • Deluxe Behind-the-Head Headphone ($189.95)

  • Heavy Duty Folding Headphone ($189.95)

  • Neckloop ($219.95)