Marpac Rohm Travel Sound Therapy Machine

Marpac Rohm Travel Sound Therapy Machine
Retail price: $39.95
Sale price: $29.95

This compact portable unit is designed to mask noises anywhere, at any time. Rohm creates a soothing, consistent sound environment for sleep, privacy, or concentration. Night or day, wherever you may be, Rohm lets you take control of your sound environment—so you can live (or sleep) your very best life, uninterrupted.

  • Up to 85dB amplification
  • Three sounds: bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf
  • Easy to use buttons control sound selection, sound volume and power ON/OFF
  • Portable - Perfect for travel and on-the-go
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Includes Micro USB cord for recharging or use with A/C adapter (not included) for continuous use
  • Includes lanyard for easy handling or hanging
  • 3.5" W x 3.75" H x1.75" D