Starkey VFusion Rechargeable Battery

Starkey VFusion Rechargeable Battery
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*Price is for a single battery

To be used with the VFusion Rechargeable Battery System.

Note: Use of VFusion rechargeable batteries with other brand devices may cause damage.

To see if your hearing aid is compatible, please refer to the compatibility chart.

Compatibility Chart ZPower batteries are better for...

ZPower silver-zinc battery chemistry offers the highest performance of any rechargeable microbattery on the market today. Our advanced solution offers up to three times the energy density of traditional rechargeable batteries.

  • Up to 3 times more energy density
    In the area of performance, ZPower batteries offer an extremely high ratio of energy to volume (Wh/l and Wh/kg). ZPower batteries deliver up to 3 times the energy density of traditional nickel metal-hydride batteries. And while nickel metal-hydride is a mature technology that has reached an energy density plateau, ZPower batteries have plenty of runway left to increase both energy density and cycle life.

  • Flexibility provides more design options
    ZPower batteries have high energy density, so a smaller cell delivers the same performance as a larger, traditional rechargeable battery. As a result, hearing aid designers can reduce the overall size of the hearing device or keep the same device size while adding more features and functionality. Hearing device size can also be reduced by eliminating the battery door, in which case, the battery can be accessed and replaced by a hearing care professional.

    Traditional hearing aids with zinc-air batteries often experience reliability problems because the batteries require airflow to operate. The airflow openings allow dirt and debris to enter the hearing device, degrading reliability and overall performance. Zinc-air batteries are also adversely affected by high humidity. In contrast, ZPower batteries are completely sealed which means the battery and the hearing device are less susceptible to the environment.

  • Deliver consistent run-time
    Over its cycle life, ZPower’s patented charge algorithm maintains a stable capacity. In contrast, traditional rechargeable batteries have a steady capacity fade. With ZPower batteries, capacity fade can be postponed until the end of the battery’s life.

The Planet
ZPower batteries are not only high performers, they’re clean performers. Materials used in ZPower batteries can be fully recycled. And of course, ZPower batteries are mercury free.

  • Better for the planet
    Today, the majority of hearing aid wearers are using disposable zinc air batteries. That means each binaural wearer contributes approximately 100 hearing aid batteries to landfills each year.* Compare that to needing only two ZPower rechargeable batteries per year and knowing that the materials in these two batteries are fully recyclable. And of course, ZPower batteries are mercury free. As a result of our commitment to the environment, ZPower was awarded the AlwaysOn GoingGreen 100 Award for energy storage.

  • A proven process
    When it comes to silver recycling, a proven process already exists. Over the centuries, refiners perfected the process for jewelry, tableware, photographic film, and electronics. Additionally, silver obtained from scrap makes up over 30% of the silver that is needed each year to satisfy world demand.

ZPower batteries make life easier for people. Our batteries provide enough energy from one charge for a full day of use. Knowing that a battery is fully charged means not having to worry about replacing a battery at an inconvenient time.

  • Improved user experience
    ZPower batteries resolve the #1 complaint consumers have about their hearing aids — the battery. This exciting battery chemistry delivers an improved user experience and important advantages to the hearing industry.

  • One charge lasts all day
    Now there’s no need to carry an extra set of back-up batteries. ZPower’s rechargeable batteries can be easily charged overnight to provide up to 18 hours of use the next day. Until now, rechargeable hearing aid batteries using nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) chemistry were not capable of providing a full day of performance. ZPower now takes a giant step forward by offering a rechargeable battery chemistry that provides all day performance on a single charge.

  • Fewer batteries needed per year
    Imagine the convenience of changing a hearing aid battery only one time per year. It’s now possible with ZPower rechargeable, silver-zinc batteries. Binaural hearing aid patients no longer need to make frequent shopping trips to buy large quantities of zinc-air batteries — as many as 100 per year.* With ZPower, only two batteries are needed per year — and these can be easily acquired from a hearing care professional during annual or semi-annual office visits.

*Battery life may vary based on hearing aid type, amount of usage, and level of hearing loss.

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